Engineering & Design

Meet operational objectives on-time

Planning and designing networks is a complex endeavor that requires skilled and experienced resources capable of handling multi-vendor issues. SmartBiz relieves this burden with robust, reliable, and detailed network-wide system engineering services that can meet operational objectives on time. 

An organized approach to your network design

SmartBiz’s team of transmission and network engineers collaboratively approach network transformation. From day one, we work closely with you, your project managers and on-site field engineers to ensure that all your needs are considered from the beginning. 


Our Team is dedicated to organizing the approach to network design. They create new plans or take existing projects and assessments, then complete or convert them into an action-ready plan to use your resources. 

Highest levels of industry certifications

We’re a BICSI Corporate Member as well as OSHA-10 certified and have many RCDDs on staff, allowing your projects to be completed efficiently. We are experienced with several niche industries, so we’re confident that you’ll find the solution you need. 


We take pride in our attention to detail and reliability, our clients come back more than 97% of the time, which is an indication that we’re doing something right.